Save the World Awards 2009

Save-the-world-awards-2009Save the world awards 2009, a TV gala in Austria was held on 24th July. The award was given to the SOS Children’s Village in a popularized media event which tool place at Zwentendorf which is just a few miles outside the city of Vienna. The award, for the very first time was to be given to organizations or persons who have fully devoted themselves to helping in conserving the planet or those who are completely sold out to promote the welfare of human beings. The awards were presented by the World Awards Association, which was co-founded by Mikhail Gorbachev. The award was collected by SOS president and it was in recognition of the organization’s exceptional commitment to the welfare of children from all over the world.

Helmut Kutin, who was the president of the SOS Children’s Villages, expressed gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the staff members and the young children, their patrons and friends who have stood up against neglect, ostracism, violence and indifference against children. The President reiterated their commitment to continue pushing for an environment where children can enjoy safe and secure upbringing in an environment that is filled with love and respect.

SOS provides homes for children who, for one reason or another, have lost their main breadwinner. This allows them live comfortably and achieves their goals, visions, dreams and aspirations. The committee also took note of the fact that the leadership of the organisation made tremendous effort to ensure that it spreads its wings in many places all over the world.

Other winners for the Save the World Awards 2009 include Carl Lewis, who was awarded because his Carl Lewis Foundation was assisting children who were in dire need and Greenpeace, an organization which was dedicated to climatic protection. Also on the list of the award recipients was Jermaine Jackson who received the award on behalf of his brother who was being with the award posthumously.