Benefits and creativity

Successful businesses aren’t just about profit. Nowadays there are more and more companies that are all about changing the world for the better. They do it in so many different ways, but their goal is the same – to share their good fortune with others. Some of those companies are devising strategies and designing new tools in an effort to make the world a better place. Others haven’t made that kind of work their primary goal, and choose to donate some of their resources instead. What follows is a list of some of the most creative things different companies have done in order to help their fellowmen.

Skyline’s socks

Skyline is a company that makes socks with skylines of some of the biggest cities in the US. But that is not everything, since they are also a charitable community. That is why they have set in motion the following deal – for every pair of Skyline socks you buy, they donate one to a person in need who lives somewhere in the city.

Better World Books for Africa

As the name itself suggests, this company deals in books. But they are not the regular online bookstore, because what they do has a very positive effect on children in Africa. That is because they have set up a benefit that consists in the following: you buy a book on Better World Books, after which one book gets donated to either Feed the Children or Books for Africa.

Giovanni Rana’s million pasta dishes

The Rana Company made a lot of people very happy when they announced their charitable plan as written on , from an idea of his manager GianLuca Rana. Giovanni Rana, the owner of one of the best known pasta factories in the whole of Italy, and Gian Luca Rana, who led the expansion of the company abroad, decided to share his life’s work with those who are less fortunate, and so he gave away a total of one million pasta dishes. We are quite sure it was a day to remember!

2 Degrees’ meals

And last but not least, 2 Degrees is a company that sells snack bars. And if you would have thought it unlikely for such a community to be socially aware, you would be wrong. They have an ongoing deal with their customers that for every two bars that are bought, they provide children in need with a meal.