How to organize a charity event

Here are 5 tips for the perfect event planning in Milan by Smart Eventi. From the invitations to the location, discover the best tips for an evening to remember.

Organizing a charity event can be an excellent springboard for a company that wants to be best known, as well as extremely positive for the image of the same. Organizing such an event can be quite complicated, especially for companies that do not are experts in this sector.

1. Realistic goals

Before organizing the event, the most important thing to do is set goals. Avoid dreaming too big, with goals not within your reach. When organizing charity evenings, the most important thing is not to try to reach a large amount of money: even small contributions from guests can be enough to change the lives of those less fortunate than us. The most important thing is to define goals and keeping feet on the ground, in order to avoid creating illusions.

2. Choose who to invite

Invitations are an important component of any event. You have two choices: you can decide whether to extend the invitation to everyone or to create a niche event. The most important thing is to write a clear invitation, with all the necessary information to attend, always specifying that it is possible to donate the preferred amount, without any specific obligation.

3. When and where to organize it

There are no precise dates but is important to organize the event in relation to guests availability so as not to incur last-minute mishaps. Regarding the location, is best to avoid places that are too isolated or difficult to reach (this is a general rule).

4. Decide what to do

What will happen in your charity evening? Here, the solutions are multiple. You can organize a dinner (if the number of your guests is low) or a real conference, where you can interview the managers of charities, i.e. asking for information about their work. Or, if you like big things, you can even organize concerts or charity auctions, so as to collect as much money as possible to donate to the chosen institution.

Here a nice “can do” list.

5. Advertise the event

Is your charity event open to all audiences? Then you just have to sponsor it. You can, for example, create a Facebook event to share with friends, so as to generate a quick word of mouth. Or you can also make paid ads, both on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. This will serve to increase the visibility of your event and the curiosity of your audience in less than a second.