Saving the world one rent at a time

Ever wondered what renting could do for us? Individuals have stopped buying things that much, and more and more people are talking about the benefits of our new rental economy. Although it has some disadvantages, it could really propel us forward, at least in some ways. Check out how renting could end up saving the world one step at a time!

Making it easier for people to become financially independent

What kind of an effect could renting have on our everyday lives? Would anything change for the better? There are people who believe it could make us more financially independent. Consider this scenario. A person wants to equip their home, but isn’t in the best of financial situations. If they choose to take out a loan, they’re automatically dependent on all sorts of factors that affect their livelihood. If they choose to rent appliances, the cost decreases significantly and they don’t have to go into debt.

Making it possible for the world to make progress faster

The more independent people are, the more good they can do for their communities. Basically, financial independency comes with perks such as having more time to focus on projects and hobbies. This means that the person is more productive than when they need to worry about their livelihood. And every time we increase our productivity, we start going forward at a much faster pace. That’s how we make progress.

Getting the planet cleaned up with less effort

Deciding to rent more stuff has a really big advantage in terms of sustainability. The more we rent, the less we need to produce. And the less we produce, the smaller the damage we need to fix. This means that by renting stuff, we could speed up the recovery process of our planet.

Making people focus less on owning things

When we’re convinced that we need to own stuff in order to matter, it affects the way we live our lives. It becomes harder to please us since there’s always tons of things left to buy. By deciding to rent, we get rid of all that negativity and become happier people.

For this article we’d like to thank Rentuu, the renting website