Tips for traveling in Italy

Italy remains today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

From the north to the south, in fact, this magnificent land offers to any visitor enchanting things to do and see: breathtaking landscapes, architectural beauties of undoubted historical and artistic value scattered even in the most remote corners of the nation, an enogastronomic tradition envied by any other country world, culture, folklore and so on.

How can you thoroughly enjoy all that Italy has to offer?

A planned trip

Notwithstanding that in Italy lots of cities offer tourists a dream experience, those who come to this country cannot think of improvising. If the intention, for example, is to travel around Sicily, it is good to know where to stay (Catania, offers an excellent landscape, cultural, folklore and culinary tourism and also enjoys a geographical position such that not only can they be reached easily all the cities located on the east coast of the island, but within thirty minutes you can go from the sea to the mountains, from the town to the fishing villages scattered on the coast) and in which period to leave (for example it is clear that if the intention were to visit the Christmas markets of Trento and Bolzano it would already be possible, and perhaps more enjoyable, to visit these cities as early as the end of November).

Although Italy is a land with a clear vocation for tourism (there are hotels, B & B, hostels and so on), it is always good to book in advance your room and, especially if you have little time available, organise the travel as best as possible with companies like the professional Nancy Aiello Italy Tours.

Local products

Among the various characteristics that make Italy unique, it is impossible not to mention the cuisine and the national food and wine excellence.

Sweet or salty, to bite or drink, even the smallest Italian village has its local specialty to taste at any cost and, if possible, to take home with you in your suitcase.