Tolerance: the symbolic importance of “gay-friendly” tours

Visiting a beautiful country perhaps in the company of your half, enjoying a holiday that promises to become unforgettable, is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately many places, however enchanting, are excluded a priori from a specific part of the market.

The LGBT community is often unwilling to travel to countries where the presence of homosexuals is notoriously not appreciated. Other destinations, however, over the years showed more and more welcoming to deserve the title of gay-friendly, having become popular destinations and completely reinvented the business structure of the area by making tourism the primary source of income.

Gay-friendly best destinations and those to avoid

The tendency of the LGBT community is therefore to avoid specific destinations. Which? Asia, the Middle East, and Africa because in those countries homosexuality is even considered a crime and in some cases punished by death.

Instead, South America, USA, Spain, Greece, Malta, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Italy are traditionally considered gay-friendly destinations.

The importance of gay-friendly tourism

It is not difficult to imagine that a gay-friendly country, where there are therefore no disturbing episodes of intolerance or in which you do not risk being handcuffed and even killed because of your sexual tendencies, is a country that symbolically decided to praise the equality of rights between human beings, irrespective of gender, creed or skin color of each.

If the symbolic value of such a decision is high and in any case easily understood by anyone, the economic return of this decision is equally noteworthy. Recent statistical studies (source: travel agency Nancy Aiello tours in Italy) have found that gay-friendly countries have during last years recorded a surge in tourist access. Among other things, the LGBT community tends to spend a good 30% more than the average tourist.

Apart from this particular, however, it would be by now the case to abandon old preconceptions and, hopefully not only for economic reasons, to offer anyone who visits a foreign country a dreamful experience.