When the brand is giving back

Marketing and charity: two words that are often considered the opposite… but is it really so?

It’s called Social Marketing (which nothing has to share to Social Network Marketing) and, in many ways, it’s a winning strategy, to say the least. We are talking about a form of marketing carried out by large brands, such as Amaro Ramazzotti, Gucci, Google, and Microsoft, but also by smaller ones.

Regardless of the size of the company, the principle remains unchanged.

The goal of a social marketing campaign is to raise funds for a charitable purpose. Praiseworthy values and goals that, at least in most cases, constitute costs for the company (or in any case do not have an immediate economic return). The wiser marketers, however, are well aware of how long-term investments are often the most appropriate.

Social Marketing: because charity is a winning marketing strategy

Why are we talking about long-term investments? Simple! In terms of image, social marketing is what we call “godsend”. This type of operation, in fact, in addition to giving a benevolent image of the brand, allows it to appear more and be associated with charity.

If in the short term this may appear to be of little use, following a social marketing partner targeted and prolonged over time, can make the brand recognizable and above all attributable to such events.

In addition to ethics and what a charity initiative entails, the name of the company will most likely also appear on posters and flyers reporting the event. Not only: the visual association of the brand with the possible symbol of the municipality or institutions that sponsor the event, further promotes a feeling of security combined with the brand. The same institutions can also be “fascinated” by such an initiative, opening up any preferential lanes for other events of this kind.

The importance of image in the age of social networks

If social marketing has always been a great tool, it is even more so in the era of social networks. Through various fan pages and hashtags, in fact, the positive effect of such initiatives is multiplied exponentially.

Despite the fact that every kind of marketing campaign also in this case must be done with great attention on how to act (to avoid boomerang effects) it is undeniable that charity is an excellent opportunity not only to do good but also to promote their brand with great effectiveness.