Who would we like to see in the next awards?

awardsRecognizing people’s efforts is important. They might not do the things they do, to be rewarded, but again, appreciating their work motivates them.

There are great personalities in every sector and it is not necessary that they be influential people. Sometimes, they are the people in your neighborhood, persons who have gone out of their way to make something out of their life and eventually affecting the lives of others. It may be through music, conservation efforts or even keeping peace war-torn areas. Below are some of the notable who deserve a reward for their efforts.

Social networking sites have been very popular. Actually, they are being used in almost every aspect of people’s lives, from business to creating awareness on issues of environment and peace. While there are a number of social platforms, Facebook takes the lion share of all the subscribers. Hence, in the next awards in the technology and science category, Mark Zuckerberg should be recognized. His invention has made it easier, to connect with people from all over the world, to run businesses and share information effortlessly.

Another personality that has gone out of their way to see the good of other people’s lives is Angelina Jolie. She is a successful actress, appearing in numerous action-based films but that does not prevent her from influencing the lives of not-well-to-do people. She has adopted children from all parts of the globe, without discrimination and treated them as her own kids. Together with her husband Brad Pitt, they run a foundation, which has proved to be very helpful to the poor.

In addition, in the music category, there are several singer and bands which will be battling for this award. Special mention should be given, apart from the biggest name who work under a major, to the lots of indie artists who try to “hit the stage” on their own, producing their music and trying to allow people all over the world to know it.

Among the best (and newest) artists/bands we cannot avoid to mention Courtney Barnett (she on Wiki) , Bop English (he on Facebook) and Lisbon Soul (his Lisbon Soul Facebook account and his Lisbon Soul Twitter account): three singers worth of the great honor to be considered among the best in their respective fields. Their latest indie songs are adequate evidence that something more than good is taking place.

Courtney and Bop have been mentioned by AOTY as producer of two of the indie albums in 2015, while Lisbon Soul has published some very great songs such as Love in Reverse (enjoy it on Lisbon Soul Bandcamp official page) and Blue Steel Eyes. Although they were released mid this year, they have gained grounds.

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